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Hi, my name's Gez Bray and I'm the founder of Wellspring Mindfulness.

If you're like most of my clients then you have arrived here because you want more from your life;

maybe better health, more focus, less stress, to feel connection and belonging, less fear, more meaning,

or a combination of the above.

Whatever it is, I believe you have the power within you to achieve it, and I can help you gain that power and

feel more in control of your life right now.

Something about me..

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It hasn't always been easy

Self inquiry and personal growth have been important to me for a very long time. It wasn't always this way...

From my mid 20s I started a series of abusive relationships, nurtured a drug habit, lived on a violent council estate in Brixton, and was homeless with a baby by my late 20s.

Self worth was not my strong point. I had little self awareness, and just stumbled from day to day, surviving.

I started chipping away at this when I discovered that it was within my power to change my mind, literally. The power was within me, I just needed to access it.

By changing my relationship to  myself I changed my life, and have used my experiences to help others in one way or another ever since.

I was no longer a prisoner in my own life and realised on an emotional level that I mattered, my happiness mattered and I became dedicated to helping other people to realise their own potential as well. 

My beliefs

Everyone deserves deep respect and true happiness.

Happiness and vitality are states of mind that can be learned and cultivated.

In order to attain a deep resonance of fulfilment and meaning we need to make it a priority. 

​​Asking for help is a sign of true courage.

The past does not equal the future.

No experience in life is wasted. 

​Building the connection between the body and the mind is a key to unlocking self mastery.

Learning the default mode of self compassion and mindful presence is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

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Discovering secular mindfulness has been like finding  a precious gift that I want to share with the world. It is the most direct non-religious path I have found of uncovering self acceptance, self mastery and  freedom from the constraints that we place on ourselves and our lives. It is so simple, and yet so profound.

It excites me beyond belief. Which is quite funny as mindfulness is normally associated with calm and ease. 


Mindfulness has also helped me to...

Feel far less stressed, and become aware of warning signs


Sleep better

Deal more patiently and wisely with the Menopause

Completely heal severe scalp psoriasis 

Break free from self limiting beliefs that held me back from doing what I really wanted to do

Feel a sense of day to day control, liberation and  meaning

Enrich all of my relationships with better listening and responding, rather than reverting to  habitual patterns 

Maintain a deep sense of calm and resilience that I can access in a moment whilst feeling a resonance of excitement & energy on a daily basis


For others, their testimonies speak for themselves...

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Teaching Mindfulness

My career background is in devising abuse prevention & recovery programmes, running educational scholarships, and  business.

My educational background includes Psychology and Sociology BSc Hons from South Bank University, London,  and in the last 7 years I have become fascinated with the school of Positive Psychology & Neuroscience, and the masters of Personal Development.  My car is now my eternal university, with a library of books from Audible. I am always learning.

Coaching and supporting people whether towards better health, to feel happier and more fulfilled, or whatever is most meaningful to them, is my vocation.

​ I love empowering people to be the best version of themselves and my teaching method is rooted in simplicity, authenticity and compassion.


My interest in  Mindful living and teaching 

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mindfulness was sparked from 25 years of practicing Buddhism with a focus on self inquiry,and of course, compassion. Teaching Mindfulness as a non-religious therapeutic method and meditation technique is now my passion.

I trained to be a Mindfulness Teacher at The UK College of Mindfulness in Birmingham on the Mindfulness Now Program which integrates key elements of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). The course is accredited and approved by the British Psychological Society  and I am committed to regular supervision, to updating my skills with extra CPD training, to attend mindfulness retreats, and most importantly to live mindfully myself.

I am also a  member of  The Register of Mindfulness Teachers UK.


There is a wellspring of health, happiness and freedom in us all if we know where to look and are handed the tools to uncover & release it​.

It would give me great pleasure to work with you, and together we can access this inner power that you have just waiting to be uncovered, empowering you to thrive, even amongst life's hardships. 

In addition to my passion for meditation and mindful living I also love walking in the woods, playing guitar and singing, painting, making jewellery and spending time with my best friends, and  wonderful husband and sons. Living true to myself with compassion, courage and wisdom is a constant determination and a lifelong pursuit. 

You will have seen that 10% of profits are donated to Young Gloucestershire; this is a local charity close to my heart. I volunteered with them for a few years as a mentor and am full of admiration for the work that they do to support young people on very tight budgets, and for the young people themselves. Just amazing, so it it my greatest pleasure to continue supporting them in this small way. 
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