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'My Time'  

Bespoke Meditation Recordings  
A Gift to Yourself or Another 


We are all unique and there is no one size fits all

Perhaps you have found yourself searching through a ton of YouTube meditation videos only to find that the time you had allocated to meditating has now run out?

Or maybe you have tried a few, but none really fit with what you want or need right now? Or too long or short?


At Wellspring Mindfulness we offer personalised, bespoke recordings - 

cd or mp3 format (or both)

tailored to your specific needs and wants

A thoughtful gift to yourself or someone else; we all deserve a priceless bit of 'My Time'


To hear Gez's voice click here

The How: 

1. Click Buy Now button below  and purchase in the usual way.

2. Receive a voucher via email & a form for information gathering in order to tailor the bespoke recording to your requirements. 

3. On receipt of the form Gez Bray will then record a 'My Time' meditation especially for you.

4. Receive your bespoke mp3 recording and/cd via post or email.

£49 per unique recording 

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