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Comments from some people I have worked with

Nicola, Financial Services, Energy Industry
I have been in a senior managerial role for many years but recently went through a period where the demands, pressure and stress went up hugely.  It was having a big impact on my wellbeing; lack of sleep, palpitations, anxiety and crying in secret for no real reason. 
I decided to have a mindfulness session with Gez in an attempt to bring balance back to my life.  The first session was difficult. Switching off the racing thoughts is alien to me, I kept finding my mind darting off to the latest issue facing me in my normal world. 
It took a couple of sessions to ‘train’ my brain to allow more peace and tranquillity into my life.
I suppose you can liken it to taking a mental breather. 
My work life has settled down again now so I don’t have the sessions any more but do still use the techniques Gez showed me when things start to step up a bit. 
I would recommend trying it to anyone, it could make life better in a small or big way and that’s definitely got to be worth a go.

Yvonne, Gloucester

I just wanted to give you some feedback as a result of our Mindfulness session, and my inability to drop off to sleep and stay asleep.


Why didn’t I do this months ago! 

I've had the best night’s sleep ever!

After 5 nights: I am still going to sleep within 15 mins of lights out and waking up with the alarm in the morning, I haven’t felt like this in years. 


Now after 3 weeks: This has continued, I don’t seem to be experiencing the difficulties in dropping off to sleep like I had been, and I am waking up the next morning feeling refreshed, having slept soundly.   I have even started dreaming again.


I feel so much better, and thanks for the recording, I will certainly be playing that to top me up.

Teresa, Gloucester
I went to see Gez last year because I I was suffering from anxiety, sleeping badly and was also doing a very stressful job. I felt life didn’t have any meaning and I found myself unable to switch my mind  off. I also began to feel disconnected from my loved ones.

Gez made me feel welcome and comfortable, from the first session she was warm and knowledgeable so I was able to relax and put my trust in her.
We had 8 sessions altogether and it was one of the best investments in my own wellbeing I have ever made.
I very soon started to view the world in a different light and soon learnt the mindfulness techniques Gez taught, This enabled me to live in the moment when appropriate and not worry about yesterday or tomorrow.
I started sleeping better immediately, and and I still use the recording she gave me of her personalised meditation when I can't sleep and it still works!
One of the greatest blessings I have received is relaxing with my grandchildren - instead of worrying about any mess they may make or damage they may do I am now enjoying their company and not letting anything get in the way of that.

I thoroughly recommend Gez if you want to get a grip on your life and enjoy it more. These lessons have stayed with me ,and I am convinced I am a better person now.
Carol, Gloucester
I have Fibromyalgia and find it difficult to get restful sleep due to pain. I went to see Gez for some Mindfulness sessions, this was at her home which was very calm and cosy which I found better than it being in a treatment room which can feel very clinical. 

 I had a session a week for about 6 weeks, I found the sessions to be very helpful. It gave me a feeling of being very relaxed and she taught me how to do this at home when needed, it has helped me to sleep better and clear my mind of everyday worries and know my body better which has helped me to manage my Fibromyalgia better. 

 I would recommend Wellspring Mindfulness to anyone now as it has helped me so much.
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