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'Today is a gift, that's why it's called the present' Alice Morse Earle

 Mindfulness  is awareness with attitude, 

cultivated by  paying close, honest  attention to the present moment

with openness, curiosity, kindness and acceptance.

This is very different from how we normally spend our time.

We may be  mindful not to run out into traffic, or bump into each other, or step on Lego.

But apart from that we are not mindful at all: we are stuck on a train of thoughts & feelings, moving from one thought to another, worrying, judging, remembering,  planning the future, going over conversations from the past and how we felt when this or that happened, and paying very little attention, if any at all,  to the present moment.

This can be exhausting  at the very least and can also lead to all kinds of problems for us in terms of our mental and physical health, and our ability to enjoy life, especially if our thoughts and emotions spiral into stress.

Enter Mindfulness offering a wellspring of calm and ease from this automatic mindset as we learn to  shift what we pay attention to, and learn to  shift  how we pay attention.

​This new awareness can radically change our way of relating to ourselves, our experiences and circumstances , and how we relate to other people, both at home and work.


It's a change that takes place from the inside out

​​This may be very different from  how we normally react in our daily lives, and how we normally relate to ourselves and others, especially during difficult times.

 However it can be learned with practice, patience and guidance, and can become our new way of being.


​​ ​  


~ 3 Minute Guided Breath Meditation to Practice

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Therapeutic Mindfulness 

Therapeutic Mindfulness is a deep and meaningful guidance of compassionate self inquiry and mindfulness practice, towards healing and the acquisition of an emotional skill-set. 
It is totally accessible to all of us, and can potentially empower us towards greater understanding of ourselves and others, and free us from the often restricted person we think we are.


We begin to master our minds, and learn to greet our joys and struggles with skilful responses rather than habitual reactions.

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